Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Upcycled CD Butterfly Suncatcher

I have accumulated tons of used CD's over the years and have recently found that they can be cut with my Sizzix Big Shot and metal die cutters. For this project I'm using Tim Holtz butterfly die cutter.

You will need: 2 used CD's, Sizzix Big Shot with cutting plates and platform, Tim Holts Movers and Shapers butterfly die with metal cutting tray, Scissors (not your best pair), crystals (I used Connie Crystals), crimp beads, clear beading wire, glue, metal ring or key ring. Optional: Vintaj metal embossing folder, crimp bead covers.

Begin by cutting your CD's in quarters. Place the metal cutting tray on one of the cutting plates. Put the butterfly die - cutter side up in the metal tray with the CD on top so that the butterfly is completely covered by the CD. Top with the second cutting plate. Run it thru the Sizzix. It's THAT EASY! This should pop the butterfly out of the CD. You will want to do half your butterflies with the shiny side of the CD up, and half with the back side up so that when you put them back to back, they match. The die is not exactly symmetrical. The butterflies look great as they are, but for some added interest, I have embossed half of them in my Vintaj metal embossing folder. Other embossing folders will work to give the butterflies texture, but this folder actually has a butterfly that is the same size as the ones you've cut.

If you cut carefully you will end up with 8 butterflies. I only used 6 in my sun catcher, but you could use all 8. Pair the butterflies so that when they are back-to-back they match perfectly. Then lay them on your work surface spaced approximately the distance you'd like them spaced. Run your bead wire thru the crystal that you will have at the bottom. Then bring both ends thru a crimp bead and crimp to hold the base bead in place. Bring both ends of the wire thru a second crimp bead and crimp it in place about 1/2" above the first crimp bead. Then string a crystal bead, followed by another crimp bead and crimp in place. Thread another crimp bead on and crimp it in place so there is room for a butterfly between the last crimp bead and this one; mine are about 1 3/4" apart. Follow with another crystal and another crimp bead. Repeat this pattern for as many butterfly pairs as you are using so that there is a crimp-crystal-crimp - butterfly - crimp-crystal-crimp pattern. Once all the crimp beads and crystals are in place, add crimp cover beads if desired. Now simply lay the wire and beads down - positioning them across the butterflies. Angle the butterflies at different angles so that they are not all straight up and down. A small piece of tape is helpful to hold the wire in place across the butterflies. Add glue (I use E600) to the butterfly; a little on the wire and a small amount on the 4 wing sections is plenty. Then place the other butterfly from this pair on top, making sure the shiny side is facing out on both butterflies. Attach a ring at the top to hang.

The butterflies and crystals will sparkle and reflect a rainbow of colors. Hang it from your rear-view mirror, in your garden, in your home - anywhere you'd like a little rainbow of light.

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  1. Will this work with the regular dies? Wouldn't it dull them?

  2. coraggiosa!!! bellissimo progetto....

    fai venire la voglia di provarci...

    A presto

  3. http://www.examiner.com/article/cd-sun-catchers-post-health-risk