Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Glitter up your Easter Eggs!!

Are you ready to add a little glitter to your Easter basket?  Today I'm glittering up a couple of Easter Eggs.  These eggs are real eggs that have had the yoke blown out.  You could use these same techniques on plastic, paper mache or ceramic eggs.  I wouldn't recommend it on eggs you intend to eat, for two reasons:  #1 - it would be tough to shell this egg and not end up with glitter on your hard-boiled egg, and #2 (more importantly) why would you want to destroy your art???
Begin by drawing your design onto your egg with a pencil or light colored Sharpie.  I used a silver Sharpie here so that it would show up better for illustration purposes.   If you use a blown-out egg, you have a hole at the top and bottom of the egg.  Use a wooden skewer to hold the egg while you work.  This will hopefully keep your fingers out of your design.

Use a metal fine tip applicator on a bottle of Art Glitter Body Glue and carefully trace your design.  Don't go to heavy with the glue or it will run off the rounded surface.  Once you've traced your whole design, set the egg aside to dry.  The glue is dry when it turns clear.

Use a dry brush and your first color of Art Glitter Ultra Fine Glitter - in this case Pink Diamonds.  Brush the glitter onto the desired sections of the design.  

Continue adding shades of glitter to your design.  Here I've added Country red to the teardrops and Pumpkin to the bottom sections of the "S"s.

The top sections of the S's were finished with Art Glitter Old Gold 

For this design, I made some simple 5 petal flowers and dots with the glue.  I brushed Pink Diamonds glitter onto the dots and the outer edges of the flowers.  Then I filled the centers of the flowers with Old Gold and then added some "leaves" in glue that were covered in Emerald Green glitter.

I am now totally addicted to glittering Easter Eggs and heading out to buy some more eggs!

Happy Easter all!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pot-O-Gold Card

Are you ready to get your Irish on?  For St. Patty's Day, I've turned a Clear Scraps Send it Clear Cupcake Card into an over-flowing pot of gold!

Begin by painting the backside of the "Pot" with black acrylic paint.  Then create a rainbow with alcohol inks.

Use a felt pad alcohol ink applicator.  Apply alcohol inks in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue in strips across the pad - allowing the colors to bleed together slightly.  

Working on the back side of the card, daub on the rainbow, moving left to right in an arch.  Use rubbing alcohol on paper towel or soft cloth to clean up the edges.

On the front of the card, use an old paintbrush to apply a generous layer of Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive to the top sections of the cupcake/pot o' gold.  While the glue is still wet, cover with Art Glitter Dazzlers - Treasure.  Shake off the excess and set aside to dry.  Repeat on the other half of the cupcake.

I finished the inside of the card by adding two tones of green paper to the back section of the card and a Clear Scraps Accent Embellishment that had been colored with Green and Teal alcohol inks and stamped with as St Pat's Day message.  I added gold pearls to the embellishment with Viva Decor Pearl Pen.  The fancy gold corners are stickers from Mark Richardson.

Happy St. Patty's Day to All!!  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Clear Scraps Creating Made Easy - March Kit - Layout & mini Album

Head over to the Clear Scraps - Creating made easy kit club blog to see more on these projects that I've created with the March Kit, plus inspiring projects from all of the CS Kit Club designers.

The kit features wonderful Clear Scraps products including this fun mini-album and acrylic 12x12 pages.  

The papers, stickers and journaling cards are perfect for spring projects!!  The full instructions for this layout are included in the kit!

Enjoy the March Kit!
Happy Spring!!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Glitter Tattoos - So Easy!!

You may have seen glitter tattoos advertised on TV, but did you know that Art Glitter now has Body Glue and Tattoo stencils?  Now you can use all the wonderful colors of Art Glitter Ultra Fine glitter to create your own glittering body art!!  Here is a quick tutorial on creating a glittering tattoo.  It's so easy, I did it on my own hand!!

You will need:  Art Glitter Body Glue, Tattoo Stencil, Ultra-fine Glitter (I used #299 - Celery, #48 -  Emerald, #324 - Country Red, and #355 - Sunrise)  A couple of paint brushes, and a soft make-up brush.

Remove the white backing from the stencil and place it on clean, dry skin.  Remove the clear protective coating and make sure that the black stencil is firmly in place with no gaps or buckles.

Drop a few drops of Body Glue inside the stencil and spread with paint brush.  You just need a thin coat.  The thicker you put it on, the longer it will take to dry.

While the paint is still wet, remove the stencil.  Wait for the glue to dry before you start to glitter.  The glue is dry when it turns clear.

Dip a small clean, dry paint brush into Emerald Green and brush lightly onto the broad end of the leaves.  Clean the brush by rubbing on a towel or cloth. - Don't wet it.  Dip the brush into your second color - the celery green - and brush the tips of the leaves.

Repeat this process for the rose, using the Country Red for the inside of the rose petals, and Sunrise to highlight the outer petals.

Use a make-up brush to brush the excess glitter away.

The tattoo will last 7 - 10 days with proper care.  Visit the Art Glitter site for more information about care and removal of the tattoos!

Happy Glittering!!!