Friday, May 4, 2012

Get your Summer On

My daughter is not your average 8-year old girly girl.  In fact, we are redecorating her bedroom in a Chicago Bears theme.  She would not be caught dead in anything pink, purple or the slightest bit frilly.  So this "Get Your Summer On" canvas is for her.  The stamps used here are from the "Hey Life" stamp set that was featured in yesterday's blog hop.  When she saw this stamp set, she couldn't wait for me to get it mounted so that she could do something with the skate boarder.  (I did make her wait until I got my project completed)  But stamps like this - that have a little bit for every taste - are even getting my little tomboy into stamping!!

For this canvas, I started by painting a sun-streaked background in various shades of yellow, orange and a little red acrylic paint - working from the upper corner and fanning out.  Then I dabbed some paint in the top corner and sprinkled with gold embossing powder while it was still wet.  I heat set the embossing powder to create a little glitter and texture.  Then I stenciled a white pattern around the border.  The stamps were done in Black so that I could go over them with a fine-tip black marker.  The texture of the canvas makes it tough to get full coverage with your stamp, but by filling in with marker, you can still create a nice sharp design.

After the stamps - the rest is just embellishing....Some swirled black "pearls" to create movement for the skateboarder and cyclist.  Stickers for the letters - with the "SUMMER" covered in Art Glitter.  Finally, I added the flowers, bugs and acrylic "sun".

To see this stamp and the other May releases from Red Rubber Designs, visit the New Releases page at Red Rubber Designs.


  1. This is fabulous! I love it! You'll have to show us what your daughter comes up with, too!

  2. What a great wall hanging for your daughter! Love the addition of the swirls which really gives the feeling of movement.

  3. I'm ready for summer- bring it! Great design

  4. Totally awesome - what teen wouldn't love this??

  5. This is so cool, KC! I love its sunshiny, warm feeling.