Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Connie Crystal Pumpkin

I got to spend last week at the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Summer Show in Chicago.  There were lots of fun new products to check out and play with.  But one of the most dazzling booths was the Connie Crystal Booth.  Of course, I am distracted by everything that glitters and shines, so all that glittering crystal in one booth was right up my alley!  I was also very honored to have a few of my pieces on display there!
My Suncatcher on the left, and Christmas Ornament on the Right, with Kristi's  mixed media piece in the center

My Key with Bling, along with Connie's beautiful pieces
This Fall Pumpkin was also in the booth, but somehow I neglected to get a picture of it there.  I was probably distracted by all that shiny crystal :)

Here are the instructions for making the Copper and Crystal Pumpkin.

You will need:
Copper Wire in 16 and 20 gauge, thin copper sheet (like foil, but copper), brown card stock, Leaf Stamp (the one I used is from the Fabulous Fall stamp set from Red Rubber Designs), Black Stazon Ink, and a mix of 6 or 7 fall colored beads from Connie Crystal.

Cut 3 pieces of 16 gauge wire about 2' long.  Use round pliers to create a loop at one end.  Wrap the wire around a round rod.  I used the sharpening stick from my old knife set.  You could also use a mandrel if you have one, or wood dowel, or even a larger pencil or pen. 

Remove the wire from the rod and stretch it out so that it is still wavy.  

Thread the end of the wire through the beginning loop and close it with your round pliers to form a large loop of copper.

Repeat with the other pieces of copper

Lay the copper loops so that they overlap and form a pumpkin.  Bend and stretch the loops as needed until all three loops are approximately the same size and shape.

Using the 20 gauge wire and needle nose pliers, wrap small sections around the intersections of the wire loops to join all three loops together.

Take a smaller - around 10" - piece of 16 gauge and wrap it around the rod.  Then stretch it and bend it to form the "stem".  Wrap the ends around the wire at the top of the pumpkin to secure in place.
Stamp 4 leaves on the copper sheet

Cut the leaves out and trace onto brown card stock.  Take a piece of 20 gauge wire - about 8" long and bend the top about 1/2" down into a loop or "U".  This will help keep it in place.  Glue the wire between the copper sheet and brown card stock.  The card stock will help give the leaves some stability.

Thread 10" lengths of 20 gauge wire through the Crystal Beads and twist the wire to hold the bead in place.

Wire the leaves and beads in a random patterns around the top of the pumpkin.

Have you checked out the NEW Connie Crystal Website and Blog???  You'll find all of the Connie Crystal Products and lots of great projects and ideas!


  1. KC, didn't know you had stuff on display there -- congrats to you. You really are one crafty gal!
    Love your pumpkin wreath, just fabulous!

  2. wonderful project, stopped by today to see your submission to be on the Sakura DT

  3. This is really a cool project, KC! Great creative thinking!

  4. This is one good lookin' pumpkin. Love the copper.

  5. How ingenious! Never in my wildest imagination would I come up with such a cute decoration!

  6. Lovely projects, KC. How exciting to be showcased in a booth at CHA! Congrats!