Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Connie Crystal Table Number Holder

If you've ever needed table number holders for a wedding reception or other event, the restaurant or banquet hall probably had something that looked like this.  Charming, right?!  Well, here is a quick fix to class up the plain metal number holders.

For this project I used, white ribbon, silver twist ties, clear bead wire, Connie Crystals - 1 Tear Drop, 3 8mm grey round crystals, 1 8mm clear round crystals, 1 10mm clear round crystals, and some silver spacer beads.

Begin by cutting about 18" of ribbon and forming a loop - like a remembrance ribbon.  Bring the front of the loop, down to the "x" in the ribbon.  Bunch the ribbon together in the center and then wrap with a silver twist tie and twist the wire to hold in place.

Take a 12" length of beading wire and thread through the teardrop crystal.  Bring both ends of the beading wire up through the remaining beads starting with a silver spacer, then grey 8mm, then spacer, then 8mm clear, spacer, 8mm grey, spacer, 10mm clear, spacer 8mm grey.  Then tie the bead wire around the center of the bow so that the crystals dangle down.  Double or triple knot the wire and trim the excess wire.

To cover the shaft of the holder, bring the end of a piece of ribbon into the loop at the top and then spiral the ribbon down the length of the holder.  Secure at the bottom with another silver twist tie.

Using the twist tie ends at the back of the bow, secure the bow to the top of the holder.

Check out Connie Crystal for beautiful crystals for this project.  There are also pre-made sun catcher strands if you don't want to string your own, and lots of colors to choose from!