Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rosco - A Raccoon's Tale

My husband and I have always been animal lovers.  When we moved to the country, we began building what my friends and family often referred to as "the zoo".  At our max. capacity we had:  3 dogs, 4 cats, 3 horses, 1 mini horse, 1 mini donkey, 6 llamas, 19 goats, 2 sheep, 5 rabbits, 6 geese, 2 turkeys and a handful of chickens.  (We have down-sized quite a bit since then.)  But of all the critters that have come and gone through the Eddy ranch, one of the most memorable was a baby raccoon that we adopted when he lost his mama.

Rosco was about the size of a kitten when he came to live with us.  He grew up fast in the five months that we had him.  He was litter box trained to the point that even after he had "moved out", my husband watched him come into the house through the doggie door, use the cat box, and head back outside.  For a while he used this private entrance on a nightly basis to come in for an evening visit.  He would have a quick snack from the dog dish, and then come into the living room to see us and play with the dogs for a while.  It was really quite a sight - I wish I had it on video!
Look....they're holding hands!

Eventually his visits grew farther apart until he stopped coming around at all.  I guess he finally realized he was a raccoon.  He left us with a few pictures and a lot of memories and every now and then, I still find little raccoon paw prints in my shop.  So this week's Red Rubber Design scrapbook project is all about Rosco.

I used the following supplies from Red Rubber Designs:
Printed Papers and Tags from the Reece and Wilhoughby paper collections, Palette Ink in Cognac and Burnt Sienna, Stamps: Leaves from this month's spotlight stamp, "Happily Grateful", Letters from "Distressed Typewriter Set", Photo tabs from "Reinforcers", and of course, the adorable raccoon from "Give Praise to Him" stamp set.


  1. Love the story, love the pictures, love the layout and those footprints... Fun, fun, fun!!!

  2. Those footprints are adorable! Love the banner, too. Fun layout! How cute is that to have a pet raccoon?

  3. I remember when Anna was playing super hero and Rosco was her side kick. So cute. Great to capture those memories. LOVE the paw prints.

  4. OH I totally forgot about the super hero & side kick thing! She made herself a mask that looked like a raccoon mask! I wonder if I have a picture of that....

  5. I'm an animal lover too, so I can really appreciate this layout. I have to say that your totals far exceed mine though. Good job!