Friday, December 14, 2012

Purple Glitter Snowflake Ornament

Today I'm sharing a purple snowflake ornament.

For this ornament I used

GlobeCraft Memories Ornament Kit
GlobeCraft Memories - Piccolo Enamel Powder - Siam Silver
GlobeCraft Memories - Piccolo Enamel Powder Adhesive.
Connie Crystal  Suncatcher - Purple Flower
Black spray paint
Viva Decor Pearl Pen
Art Glitter - Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (DDCA)
Art Glitter Ultra Fine Glitter - #18 Purple
Miscellaneous Snowflake embellishments.

The Globecraft Ornament has 3 chipboard parts - the center section that has the loop at the top and plain frames.  Spray paint the front and back of the center section black.

The two plain frames will be coated - on one side each with Enamel Powder.  To do this, daub Enamel Powder Adhesive on one side of the frame.  Cover the adhesive with Enamel Powder and shake off the excess.  Use Piccolo Easy Grip Tweezers to hold the frame and heat set the enamel with a heat gun.  If a thicker coating is desired, repeat this process.  I am sorry about the lack of pictures for this step.  You can see pictures of this step Here, or watch a video Here.

Use DDCA to glue the Globecraft bubbles in place in the silver frames.  To do this, run a bead of glue around the rim of the plastic bubble and place the silver frame over the bubble, face up.  Hold in place until the glue starts to set.

Once the halves are dry, glue one of the silver frames to the black center piece.

Draw the clear wire from the Suncatcher up to the top of the ornament and align it with the loop.  Run a bead of glue around the back of the silver frame and "trap" the wire in place.  Use clothes pins or clips to hold the two halves together until the glue has set.  

For glittered dots around the border - I like to use Viva Decor Pearl Pens or similar products that make a nice bead.  

Then cover the beads with glitter and shake off the excess.

After the glitter beads have dried, embellish the ornament with snowflake-themed embellishments.

Please visit the Art Glitter Blog for more glittering fun!

Thanks for checking this out!

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