Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Discovering Clear Scraps

About 3 years ago, my sisters and I were wondering through the CHA Summer Show in Chicago.....

What is CHA???  CHA = Craft and Hobby Association.  I am amazed at the number of people I meet that are involved in the crafting industry - as hobbyists, retailers, designers and professional crafters that have never heard of CHA.  If you fall into one of those categories, or think you might...you should definitely check out www.craftandhobby.org and consider becoming a member.  The CHA shows are an incredible way to see what's new in the craft industry, play and experiment with products and techniques, network with others in the industry and most of all...get your creative juices flowing!  It is my favorite week of the year - surrounded by so much talent and inspiration - plus I get to hang out with two of my favorite people - my big sisters.
My very first Clear Scraps project - a dainty little dry-erase board
that we made as a "make-n-take" at CHA 2010
So about 3 years ago, we were wondering the CHA Show and I came across a product that was so different from anything I'd seen at the shows - Clear Scraps!!    I was mesmerized by the beautiful project on display in the booth.  I had to have it!  I didn't know what I was going to do with it...just knew I wanted it!

What are Clear Scraps??  Clear Scraps are high quality acrylic albums, banners, shapes, embellishments and more.  You can ink them, stain them, paint them, stamp them, emboss them, embellish them....just about anything you can do on paper, you can do on Clear Scraps.  But it's ACRYLIC.  So, unlike paper, it doesn't curl up on you when you paint or mist one side.  It won't tear or disintegrate with time.  It's sturdy, yet light weight and SO much fun to play with!

A few months later I saw that Clear Scraps was looking for designers for their Design Team.  So I put a few projects together and applied.  Now, I will be the first to admit that the projects I submitted were not some of my best work....not that I was trying to turn in sub-par work.......I just cracked under the pressure of trying to come up with something unique, while staying true to my style....so I was not all together surprised when I did not make the team.  Not surprised, but still disappointed.

So last year, I thought I'd get a jump on my Clear Scraps projects and be ready for their Design Team call....only they never had one :(  Or if they did, I missed it.
My audition piece for Clear Scraps Design Team 2012

Then a couple of months ago, my sister sent me a link to the CS blog and said "Did you see this?".  It was a Design Team Call!!!  YAY!!  I was ready!!  I had been busy building up my blog and had already blogged about a few projects that I had made with Clear Scraps.  I had a couple of CS projects ready to submit for my application.  So I put it together and sent it off, and then held my breath for about a week.  Then I came back from lunch one day and opened up my email to see a subject line that said "you have been invited to join the Clear Scraps Design Team".  I'm not sure what the rest of the office thought of the dancing and happy noises coming from my office.  But I am thrilled today to be sharing a link to my first official Post as a Clear Scraps Designer.  Please go check it out as well as the insanely creative posts from the rest of the team!

So....what have we learned today??
1.  If you are in the crafting industry in any capacity, check out CraftandHobby.org to find out about upcoming shows and member benefits.
2.  Clear Scraps is a fabulous company with unique and versatile products that you should definitely check out!  Clear Scraps Blog
3.  If at first you don't succeed.....(you know the rest)

Thanks for visiting and listening to my rambling!  Please visit again!

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  1. Ahhh KC, you just made me tear up. You're one of my favorite people too. I'm happy that I saw that DT call. And I am so thrilled for you to have made the team. You are so creative. They are lucky to have you. I can't wait to see all your wonderful CS projects.