Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feeding the Hummingbirds with an upcycled wine bottle

Earlier this summer I broke my hummingbird feeder and we have gone without one for most of the summer.  A few weeks ago I was enjoying a beautiful day outside and decided it was time to get a feeder back up.  I wasn't completely sure there were still hummingbirds in our area, but I hung the feeder anyway.

I was delighted to see this little guy using it the next morning.  As the week went on, he and his friends drained the nectar.  So the following weekend it was time to clean it and refill it.

I didn't even have it hung back up yet and one was back looking for more.  She was so anxious that I tipped the bottle over and she drank from it while I was holding it.  My daughter was walking past the window and saw me feeding the hummingbird and wanted to try it too.  So I grabbed my camera, she grabbed the feeder and we sat and waited for our new friend to come back.  We didn't have to wait long.  Just a few minutes later, she came flitting over.  She hesitated a little but then came in and gave us a great photo op!

The directions for this hummingbird feeder are on the Connie Crystal Blog today.  Drop by and check it out!

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