Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fall Crystal Necklace

Today I'm sharing a project that was inspired by the colors and textures of fall.  I love the fire and brilliance in Connie Crystal's colored crystal beads.  I mixed them with some metallic beads and copper and pewter colored seed beads and spacers.  The beaded section was then attached to vintage copper chain.  I like to mix beaded necklaces with chain for a few reasons - 1- I have long hair, and it makes no sense to do a full beaded necklace, when the back half will never be seen.  2-  I like the additional mix of textures from smooth, shiny beads, to vintage (or vintage-like) chain.  3- I find the chain to be more comfortable on my neck than beads. I also think the necklaces go together faster.  This necklace took me less than an hour - start to finish.

Detailed Instructions:
I began by gathering some of the Connie Crystal beads I had on hand in a fall color pallet.  Most of these colored beads are available in Connie Crystal Sun Catchers, but if you have a wholesale account, you can request specific beads or colors in bulk.

I selected and arranged the beads that I wanted to use for the necklace.

Then I raided my jewelry stash to come up with some metal beads, seed beads, spacers and chain.

I threaded a copper head pin through a small red crystal bead and the into the large copper focal bead and formed a loop at the top.  The small crystal bead at the bottom keeps the headpin from being swallowed by the large bead, as this bead has a larger hole.

I used Metallic Copper Soft Flex - about 18", a copper colored jump ring, and a copper crimp bead.  Thread the crimp bead onto the bead wire, run the wire through the jump ring and back through the crimp bead.  For the jump rings, I like to use split rings - the kind that are like a double loop - for a more secure hold.

After crimping securely, I trimmed the excess wire so that it could be concealed with the first bead.  For this, make sure that the first bead that you string on has a hole big enough for the end to tuck inside - a small seed bead won't work.

I continued beading the first half of the beaded section, alternating larger beads with seed beads and spacers.

I ran the wire through the loop at the top of the focal bead, and then reversed the bead pattern going up the second side.

After completing the bead pattern, I added a crimp bead, copper jump ring and brought the wire back through the crimp bead and first bead.  I crimped the crimp bead and trimmed the wire below the first bead. 

Then I attached copper chain to both of the jump rings.  This necklace was made long enough that I could get it over my head without a clasp, but since I may decide to sell it, I wanted to add a clasp.  To do this I simply found the center point on chain section and opened it up to add a lobster claw clasp on one side and a jump ring on the other.

Finished necklace against a light neutral background.

Finished necklace against a darker background.
As you can see, the mix of fall colors makes this a very versatile necklace.  Which color do you like it with?

Be sure to check out all the beautiful crystals and beads at Connie Crystal!!

And please visit the Connie Crystal Blog for more crystal projects, tips and tricks!


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