Monday, November 5, 2012

I'll Bring the Wine - Burlap Wine Gift Bag

'Tis the Season.....From Thanksgiving until New Year's there will be lots of occasions for visiting friends, neighbors and family.  And, since we never like to show up empty handed, it can get really expensive just to attend these gatherings.  I try to save where I can, so today I'm putting together an inexpensive little wine bottle gift bag.
I started with a burlap bag that is just the right size for a bottle of wine.  I actually got this bag for free - it came with something packed in it.  Check some online sources for gift bags, and you can probably find some pretty cheep.  I saw some on Ebay that were about 14.00 per doz.  

I love the rustic charm of a burlap bag, but wanted to dress it up a bit.  I used a page from Clear Scraps Mini Deco Album to create a tag for my bag.  After removing the protective plastic, I daubed one side with alcohol inks in yellow, orange and purple.  I wanted a nice blend of fall colors.

Once I was happy with the tag, I repeated this on two leaves from Clear Scraps Clear Accent Embellishments.  Then I outlined the tag and leaves with a metallic copper Sharpie.  I also added some veins in the leaves with the Sharpie.

For the tag I stamped a sentiment on a piece of card stock and then traced the tag around it.  I cut out the card stock and glued it to the back of the tag with Beacon Zip-Dry glue.  The sentiment shows through the alcohol inks, creating a pretty front for the tag, and I can add a personal, handwritten message to the back of the tag.

I used light copper wire to wire the tag and leaves to a bow and also to wire the bow onto the burlap bag.  To create a spiral texture in the wire, I wrapped it around a chopstick.

There!  Now I just need a bottle of wine, and I'll have a cute hostess gift.  One down.....20 to go...(gifts, not bottles of wine)

Thanks for checking the project out.  Please visit the Clear Scraps blog for more great acrylic projects!!

And please come back to visit again!  For the next 6 weeks its all projects to help get ready for the holidays!!



  1. Just lovely. Any host would be thrilled to get this beautiful bag.